Pissed! Fish Playtest Improvements

We have been busy working on improvements to the game based on the feedback we’ve received from playtest. Some of the things we’re working on:

  • Options Menu! We’ve been kicking around the idea of having an options menu for a while, but thanks to the feedback we’ve received we feel it will be a great improvement. Players will be able to adjust things such as camera movement speed, cannon movement speed, analog sensitivity, and sound volume.
  • Our art team has been working on some new stuff to make it easier to navigate around the level selection screens. It should be easier to tell when you’re focus is on the world selection options at the top and it will be easier to tell when you’ve switched worlds.
  • We’ve been able to tweak a few settings that should help eliminate some of the lagginess seen in some of the more extreme levels.
  • We’re investigating some camera improvements such as the camera auto-moving back to the cannon/fish.
  • We’ve added feedback sound in a couple of the menus upon request.
  • In addition to the tutorial screens that explain how the controls function we’re considering making the first level a bit of a tutorial level with clear images of buttons and instructions of how to use them.

I’m sure we’ve missed something in our list but overall we’re very pleased with the progress being made. We’d like to see the game in review next week!

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