Spot of Luck & The Red Dawn

We’ve had quite a few curious individuals ask about these two adventures that cannot be selected in FishCraft.

UPDATE: “Spot of Luck” is currently being worked on as a free update for those that have already purchased FishCraft. The good news- Spot of Luck will still feature the all new Deep Sea Fish. “The Red Dawn” is tentatively planned to be an official sequel and will likely be released for 80 MSP.

UPDATE 2: “Spot of Luck” was shelved and replaced by the Angry Fish project. It’s sorta the same thing, but the brass at the top wanted a whole new release so that the greatness of the game would have broader exposure. Basically we decided that more people should have the opportunity to have fun.

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One Response to Spot of Luck & The Red Dawn

  1. michael says:

    i really hope you guys release these adventures.i dont have a touch smartphone, but i played a bunch of angry birds on a buddys iphone. really this game answered my wishes to have such a angry birds clone with the same value as angry birds on my console. i tryed other 80msp indie games that tryed to be angry birdsish and failed big time. you guys did great.and i cant wait to play these adventures.