FishCraft – Deep Sea Fish

Meet the Deep Sea Fish

The sonar blast that this fish sends out is just the right frequency to obliterate stone objects that are too close, damaging those further away.

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Spot of Luck & The Red Dawn

We’ve had quite a few curious individuals ask about these two adventures that cannot be selected in FishCraft.

UPDATE: “Spot of Luck” is currently being worked on as a free update for those that have already purchased FishCraft. The good news- Spot of Luck will still feature the all new Deep Sea Fish. “The Red Dawn” is tentatively planned to be an official sequel and will likely be released for 80 MSP.

UPDATE 2: “Spot of Luck” was shelved and replaced by the Angry Fish project. It’s sorta the same thing, but the brass at the top wanted a whole new release so that the greatness of the game would have broader exposure. Basically we decided that more people should have the opportunity to have fun.

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FishCraft – Release Trailer

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FishCraft New Screenshots

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FishCraft Released for Xbox 360 Live Indie Games – Let the Fishies Fly

FishCraft, an action packed physics game has been released on the Xbox Live Indie Games service. You can purchase it now for 80 MSP. The cats have consumed the friends and family of the fish and the fish are pissed. Plan your attack to take out the enemy in 63 unique cat smashing battles.

Nampa, ID – NotPlanA subsidiary FrozenSoft is pleased to announce FishCraft is available now. FischCraft is a new action packed physics game in which the player directs the pissed fish in an epic battle to get revenge against the cats. The cats have constructed strongholds and puzzles to protect themselves but the fish pack a heavy arsenal. Join the fight!

About the game:

FishCraft features a 7 battle trial mode that allows players to get a taste of the game and the different types of fish that can be used to battle against the cats. Once the game is purchased all 63 unique puzzling battles are unlocked along with 5 unique fish, each with their own special attack abilities including bomber fish and an exploding fishbowl attack. Send in the fish troops and wreak havoc on the cat’s bases.

Become a 3 star general in each battle by perfecting the attack while minimizing fish casualties. The other option – send in all the troops and decimate the foe in glorious fashion. Many players will find it a joy to launch full attacks on the cats and then go back and perfect each battle plan earning the coveted 3 star rank.

FishCraft is running on XNA 4.0 and is powered by Torque X 2D CEV.

For more details about the game, including trailers, screenshots and the development blog, please visit Check out the release trailer here: The release trailer is credited to Ryan @

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It’s Review Time

FishCraft finally made it into XBLIG peer review tonight. Now it’s a game of hitting F5 and waiting. Our hope is that this will provide for a late Saturday night release in time for President’s Day stateside. If you happen to come across this post and are a creators club member go download the game and review it!

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The Drums of War

The drums or war beat loudly. The time is nearing to join in an ancient rivalry between archenemies, feline and fish. Gird your loins and sound the battle cry! FishCraft will enter peer review this week.

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XBLIG XNA 3.1 Deadline

The deadline has come and gone to submit XNA 3.1 games on the APP HUB. We were patient enough to hold off releasing FishCraft until after the wave. The number of games in review jumped from the mid 50′s last week to the peak that I saw of 89 games on Tuesday. It’s back down to 72 at the moment but it’d be nice if it could get back down to low 60′s before posting FishCraft. We’re hoping to put FishCraft into review early next week depending on how that list looks. That would give us a tentative release date of February 17th or 18th.

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FishCraft – New Gameplay Trailer

We’ve posted a new gameplay trailer:

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FishCraft – Update

We’ve been very busy the past couple weeks! As noted in the last update playtest gave us a lot of good suggestions and we’ve been taking our time to polish the game. One BIG change is the name. Due to “pissed” being a bit too profane in the U.K. we have changed the name of the game to FishCraft.

The plan right now is to put the game into review next week for a tentative February 10th or 11th release date on the XBox 360 Indie channel.

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